Tips to set up concrete fence posts!

If you are thinking of setting up a garden fence, then you have to consider several factors. One of the important factors to consider is the kind of fence post. Most people would shortlist either concrete or wood fence posts. But, concrete is the best and solid option.

The concrete fence post is long-lasting and stronger than wood. It does not split, decay, or rot like the timber. As a concrete fence is a long-lasting erection, it is completely valuable for the money you pay. If you are installing concrete fence posts for the first time, you should read the benefits and instruction tips here. Also, you should review the pros and cons of both concrete and wood fence posts in this blog.

Do you need assistance to install concrete fence posts?
As it is a heavy structure, you may require two members to set up concrete posts in the ground. It is recommended to do by hollowing deep holes. For example, if you are fixing a six-foot fence panel, then you have to utilize a post of about eight to nine feet. It means, around two to three feet would be drenched into the ground.

How to dig the hole?
It is simple to dig the hole, but you need to take care not to cut through any pipes or cables. Create the holes two times wide like the post. Place the post exactly in the hole and ask the helper to check and measure levels. Utilize a fast setting post-mix or develop a combination of cement, sand, and ballast and hold it in place. It takes a long time to set. We suggest waiting till overnight.

The panels will slide if the fence posts are slotted. You can add wooden packing if they rattle. However, wood has chances to contract and expand according to the level of the wetness it gets. Ensure to allow everything to settle before performing anything else.

Benefits of concrete fence posts!
Concrete posts are ideal in gardens and parks that are open to high winds or when water frequently sprays from the sea. If you use wooden posts in these situations, it has chances to deteriorate quickly. If you are residing in rural or coastal areas, it is best to select concrete posts.

If you have installed the concrete post, it is simple to install the fence panel. By slotting the panel amid the beams, you can easily set up. There is no requirement for brackets, nails, and other fixings.

There is no need to treat the concrete regularly. It does not need ongoing preservation to remain effective. Concrete fence posts last for decades, and it is not like wood.

Installing a concrete fence post is affordable. You need to spend less money as it involves minimal installation procedures. It is highly valuable for money until you have them around the property or in your garden. There are different kinds of concrete fence posts. It is important to check the various models and types before shortlisting the best one.

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