Add Some Colour To Your Home Exterior During This Weather!

Hoping to Colour the exterior of your home into something more vibrant? Unsure when is the right time to paint it? Then we’ve got the answer for you. And if you want to know if you should do it on your own or go pro, here’s a great review.

What is the best weather to paint your home’s exterior?
The perfect paint job depends on the weather. Why? Because the outside temperature and weather conditions affect how the paint dries.

  • The best weather to colour the outside of your home is warm and dry.
  • Keep an eye on the forecast for a day or two before and after you paint.

For instance, if it rains before the decided day, the siding of your house will be wet. You need to give it time to dry out before you slap on a paint coat.

Similarly, you want to ensure that the heavens don’t open up the minute you’re done with the paint and while it’s still curing.

  • Make sure that the temperature difference between night and day is not too drastic. This is important to cure the paint properly. Warm days and chill nights will leave your paint with peels, cracks, and an unsmooth surface.

What time of the year is ideal for painting a home?

  • Early summer is a great time to slap some bright colour on any home exterior.
  • Early fall is another excellent time for it.

Both seasons have almost similar temperatures during day and night. Plus, the rain is minimal. It helps paint a smooth coat on the walls and gives it sufficient time to dry and cure correctly.

How hot should it be when painting a home exterior?
Not too hot. Very high temperature pushes the paint to dry out too swiftly. As a result, the finish is not pretty. It makes uneven brush marks pop out. Moreover, dried clumps of paint on the brush get transferred to the surface relatively easily.

Besides, no one loves the idea of painting while the sun tries its utmost to barbecue them. Extreme heat is not good for the body. So, pick a day when the temperature is warm, not hot. Watch out for humidity levels too. Overly humid days make it harder for the paint to dry.

Your takeaway
If you’ve never been up a ladder and tried painting in the midst of winter, you probably have no idea how hard it is. There is a reason why professionals paint home exteriors only in specific months like always before November in the Northern Hemisphere.

One, no one enjoys painting when it is freezing cold. Two, the paint dries very slowly and doesn’t cure properly. That’s why the best time to paint is when summer is just knocking on your door or fall is trying to say hello! Always pick either of these times and painting will not only be fun but also give a fantastic result!