Literary events in Canada

Literary events in Canada

The Writers Union of Canada is the sole organization which funds different small and large literary events in Canada. This is one of the best ways to promote cultural harmony according to the organization. It is because such events keep everyone closer and people from different backgrounds mingle. There are many such events which take place throughout Canada. If an event is being planned privately then too it is important to get NOC from the Writers Union of Canada. These events also planned in such a manner that the best talent comes forth. From crime story listening to poetry gatherings, there are several types of such events which take place in Canada. Not all literary events in Canada are national in nature. There are some events which are state or province based. Such events surpass national events in number. 

Elephant Mountain Literary Festival (Nelson)

Elephant Mountain Literary Festival (Nelson)It is a small event which takes place at British Columbia. The local writers get exposure as every year it is surely attended by one of the renowned artists. The local writing community comes together to share ideas and get manuscripts proof read. There are many auxiliary events which take place at the same time. Elephant Mountain Literary Festival is a real boon for upcoming writers because it is limited to a certain area and also lets the writers put forward proposals. This event is also known for its lightning ambiance which is done in a striking manner.


It is the best event which Canadian writers enjoy and take full advantage of over the course of 10 days. The best part is that not only national but international writers come together for a better Canadian writing culture. The Canadian youth is thought to be away from reading and writing.

WordfestThis event makes sure that this gap is filled effectively. Wordfest also hosts several book fairs which increase sales and revenue of renowned Canadian publishing companies. The festival is geared towards Canadian youth. In total 70 events take place over the course of time which means abundant opportunities for all looking to quench their literary thirst.

Word on the Street

Word on the StreetThough this one is not as old as the other ones on the list the impact it has is significant. Word on the street takes place in Saskatoon each year and is attended by writers from all over the world. The roster of the event is made in such a manner that each and every writer gets ample time for discussion and idea sharing. The publishing companies also sign contracts with new writers and make sure that good pay scales are offered. Also known as WOTS this event gathers book lovers from all over Canada. The exhibitions in this regard also pave a way for the book lovers to get their hands on the best literary work of new writers. It is surely a platform which enables the writers to find their best side. It also creates a level of trust between the publishers and writers.