Canadian Literary Awards

Canada is a country that loves reading books. State of the art libraries and abundance of literary awards make Canada a literature loving society. The literary awards in Canada are awarded every year to ensure that the writers new to this field are encouraged. This also propagates the Canadian culture as it is regarded as one of the best ones in the world. The main thing about the literary awards in Canada is that it is awarded to specific pieces of writings. The book’s prose and novels which present a better image of Canada to the outsiders are the ones on the list. Another great thing about the literary awards of Canada is that these are not mere certificates and trophies but are also accompanied with cash. This makes them work even harder if they want to get what they want. Some of the literary awards which are presented to Canadian writers are mentioned as follows:

Arthur Ellis Awards

The suspense in the most read genre in Canada. This award is presented to the writer with the best crime or suspense book of that year. The best part is that this award is not just tied to English language only. The writers of other languages can also submit their books for reviews. Canada is a versatile society and this award wants to keep it that way. Some of the branches of Canadian literature covered by this novel are as follows:

  • Crime novel
  • First novel
  • Best Play
  • Young Adult Crime book

These awards were started in 1984 and since then numerous Canadians and outsider have won this awesome award.

Burt Award for First Nations, Métis and Inuit Literature

Youngsters should come forward and be a part of the Canadian literature society is all that this award is about. Though it is not as old as the other awards in Canada still it is a great way to encourage young literature writers. Burt Award for First Nations, Métis and Inuit Literature was started in 2013 and since then there is a wish in young Canadian writers to get this prestige. Three prizes are given each year to the young writing talent of Canada. Canadian Organization for Development through Education is the governing body. The cash prices are hefty as the first writer gets $12,000 followed by $8000 and $5000. This award is a great way to make sure that the best talent comes forward. These writers will definitely become the future of Canadian prose.

Griffin Poetry Prize

Established and awarded in the year 2000 for the first time Griffin Poetry Prize is founded by Scott Griffin who was a Canadian businessman. Here the good news for writers is that from 2010 the price money of this awesome award has been doubled. Two poets one from Canada and one internationally get this award each year. It is regarded as the most prestigious award of Canadian poetry. Getting is award means that a poet has achieved all that he wanted in his life. It is presented by Griffin Trust for Excellence in Poetry.

Famous modern autors

There are several Canadian writers who have written masterpieces. They are not only recognized nationally but also internationally. Their work has influenced the lives of millions from all over the world. For good novels and prose work, a writer should not necessarily belong to Shakespeare’s era. The fact is that despite intense digitalized world we live in there are some book lovers who are continuously leaving their mark on the related industry. We all know that many entertainment activities become online-oriented, that is why today you can easily while the time away dropping in NBSO online casino games listing website, providing reviews on best gambling sources, or watch Netflix series, or whatever. But there are still people who prefer meaningful pastime (et il existe des informations plus détaillées sur la liste des jeux casino en ligne de pour les visiteurs francophones). The modern writers of Canada are influenced indigenously and therefore their writing also depicts the same. These writers make sure that a large audience is influenced. It is also worth mentioning that these writers are very much successful in this endeavor. Some of the modern Canadian prose writers are mentioned as below:

Alissa York

Everyone has read the novels effigy and mercy. These are not only internationally recognized but have changed the lives of people. Immense fan following has been enjoyed by Alissa York after these writings which give her a unique place in Canadian writing industry. Another awesome piece of art which has been written by her is The Naturalist that has won several international and national awards such as Canadian Literary Awards. Apart from prose and novel writing her articles also appear on HuffPost and Guardian.

Charlotte Gray

She has written 10 internationally acclaimed books which include Gold Diggers, The Massy Murders, and Sisters in the Wilderness. She has been awarded several international awards and is given the honorary membership of Canadian Writing Association. Popular history and biography writing are the main genres she focuses on. Before becoming a writer she worked as political commentator and book reviewer. Charlotte Gray is perhaps the only Canadian writer on this list who has not studied in Canada. Her alma maters include London School of Economics and Oxford University. She also enjoys membership of the Order of Canada.

Pamela Van Der Woude

She has won The Writers Union of Canada award in 2015 as one of the most promising and upcoming writers. Since then she has made writing her full-time job. There are several national awards which she has won and according to recent press talk targets The Giller. She is a student of the University of Toronto. According to the Writers Union of Canada, she knows how to play with words and the same prowess can also be seen when she wrote her first diary. Among the 19 finalists, her story was the one which influenced the jury.

Johanna Skibsrud

Poetry is the main genre which is targeted by Johanna Skibsrud and she loves to do it that way. I Do Not Think that I Could Love a Human Being is one of the best-selling poetry collections of all time. She is the only writer on this list who has won Giller award and $100,000 cash award for her novel The Sentimentalists. Though she spends most of her time in the USA as Assistant Professor of English at Arizona State University she is a Canadian by birth. Sources say that her new novel will be out soon.

Literary events in Canada

The Writers Union of Canada is the sole organization which funds different small and large literary events in Canada. This is one of the best ways to promote cultural harmony according to the organization. It is because such events keep everyone closer and people from different backgrounds mingle. There are many such events which take place throughout Canada. If an event is being planned privately then too it is important to get NOC from the Writers Union of Canada. These events also planned in such a manner that the best talent comes forth. From crime story listening to poetry gatherings, there are several types of such events which take place in Canada. Not all literary events in Canada are national in nature. There are some events which are state or province based. Such events surpass national events in number. Some of the important events which are worth mentioning in this regard are stated as under:

Elephant Mountain Literary Festival (Nelson)

It is a small event which takes place at British Columbia. The local writers get exposure as every year it is surely attended by one of the renowned artists. The local writing community comes together to share ideas and get manuscripts proof read. There are many auxiliary events which take place at the same time. Elephant Mountain Literary Festival is a real boon for upcoming writers because it is limited to a certain area and also lets the writers put forward proposals. This event is also known for its lightning ambiance which is done in a striking manner.


It is the best event which Canadian writers enjoy and take full advantage of over the course of 10 days. The best part is that not only national but international writers come together for a better Canadian writing culture. The Canadian youth is thought to be away from reading and writing.

This event makes sure that this gap is filled effectively. Wordfest also hosts several book fairs which increase sales and revenue of renowned Canadian publishing companies. The festival is geared towards Canadian youth. In total 70 events take place over the course of time which means abundant opportunities for all looking to quench their literary thirst.

Word on the Street

Though this one is not as old as the other ones on the list the impact it has is significant. Word on the street takes place in Saskatoon each year and is attended by writers from all over the world. The roster of the event is made in such a manner that each and every writer gets ample time for discussion and idea sharing. The publishing companies also sign contracts with new writers and make sure that good pay scales are offered. Also known as WOTS this event gathers book lovers from all over Canada. The exhibitions in this regard also pave a way for the book lovers to get their hands on the best literary work of new writers. It is surely a platform which enables the writers to find their best side. It also creates a level of trust between the publishers and writers.